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EIN Label (Vinyl Decal)

     - Size 4 1/2"x 13" (6 digit EIN)

     - Red Vinyl Background

     - Overlayed 3" White Vinyl EIN Number
       (Min. 3" Tall & Min. 1 1/2" Wide)
     - Material: High Performance 8-10 Year Durability
     - Mask With Application Tape For Applying

Surface must be smooth (Not Textured) where EIN Label
(Vinyl Decal) is to be applied.

Before applying EIN Label (Vinyl Decal) surface must be       cleaned and free of dirt, oil, grease, hydralic fluid, etc.
After surface has been cleaned, thoroughly wipe surface multiple times with isopropyl alcohol using a clean lint free cloth and let dry before applying the EIN Label (Vinyl Decal).



Included (1) 2"x 3" 5 Minute Idle Decal with Each EIN Label or EIN Placard Ordered

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